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10:58 AM - Saturday, February 28, 2015
4 hour ago - Mediaite / Evan Mcmurry
An advance team for Bush's PAC is seen coordinating transportation from DC in an effort to secure as many seats as possible during Bush's Q&A yesterday, which in turn was delayed by public service address on STDs.
8 hour ago - NPR / Corey Flintoff
Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down in Moscow Friday night. Nemtsov was a longtime opposition leader and a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin. Putin condemned the killing.
23 hour ago - The Guardian
Open internet supporters fly plane with banner reading ‘Comcast: don’t mess with the internet’ after FCC voted to approve strict rules to keep the internet freeNet neutrality campaigners took to the skies to declare victory over cable companies . . .
2/27/2015 - The Huffington Post / Joe Peyronnin
Late Thursday night, after I returned home from a long day at the office, my daughter called me into the kitchen. "Look at this, Dad," she said as she shoved a smartphone in front of me. What's the big deal? I thought as I looked at a pic . . .
5 hour ago - Mediaite / Evan Mcmurry
Byron Allen, a plaintiff in a $20 billion lawsuit against Comcast for racial discrimination, accused the media conglomerate on HuffPost Live Friday of paying off Al Sharpton as racial "cover" at the expense of market share for 100% African-Amer . . .
4 hour ago - CNN.com
Before you strangle your best friend who sees the colors in the now-famous dress differently than you do, please know that there's a scientific explanation.
2/27/2015 - The Wire / Dennis Green
Everyone has been weighing in on Kanye West's Adidas collaboration show at New York Fashion Week. But what about the models themselves. What was it like to wear the clothes? Devan Mayfield, who walked the runway at modeling West's line, spoke . . .
8 hour ago - Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON (AP) — Two months into full Republican control of Congress, GOP leaders are struggling to demonstrate they really are in charge.
2/26/2015 - Advertising Age - Digital
Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News, is exploring a sale of the newspaper.In an email to Daily News staff Thursday, Mr. Zuckerman said he was approached a few weeks ago and asked about his potential interest in selling the paper. " . . .
2/26/2015 - POLITICO / Burgess Everett
But it's still uncertain if the House can pass a 'clean' spending bill.
4 hour ago - CNN.com
Catwoman has been an arch-nemesis for Batman for 75 years, becoming an antihero over time and spinning off into her own comic book series.
2/27/2015 - The Huffington Post / Catherine Taibi
Several former colleagues now claim that Bill O'Reilly also lied about his experience covering the Los Angeles riots in 1992. O'Reilly has on occasion referenced an incident when he and his crew had to take cover during his time as a host fo . . .
12 hour ago - The Guardian / David Stubbs
Once FC Barcelona were holdouts against footballing sponsorship. Now they’re jetting off on stereotype-filled adventures with the big-money airlineTime was when you grudgingly admired ads featuring elite footballers in the pay of heavy-hitting . . .
2/27/2015 - The Huffington Post / Dave Jamieson
If you've ever been offered a job at The Washington Post, you know there's one undignified step in the hiring process that just about everyone goes through, no matter how many Pulitzer Prizes they've won: You have to pee in a cup. The newspa . . .
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