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7:02 AM - Thursday, October 02, 2014
4 hour ago - news / Leon Siciliano
Bloomberg's Andrew Davis reports on pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong as protesters continue to block streets in a standoff against the Chinese government
7 hour ago - The Guardian / Mark Sweney
Executive who shaped the Communication Act that created the media and communications regulator to leave after 11 years Continue reading...
6 hour ago - TechCrunch / Ingrid Lunden
 Twitter is today putting in place the latest piece of its global “social TV” strategy, which involves measuring how its users share and discuss TV programs and related content on Twitter’s network. Twitter is turning on TV ratings in the UK, i . . .
6 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Ed Mazza
Prior to resigning on Wednesday, Secret Service director Julia Pierson was called to testify on Capitol Hill about a series of high-profile security breaches. As Jon Stewart pointed out on "The Daily Show" on Wednesday night, "it did not go . . .
4 hour ago - The Guardian / Jason Stone
See a clip from the archives suggesting the Gravity actor has 'married' before and the Jurassic Park star in a fake infomercial Continue reading...
4 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Catherine Taibi
You're not going to believe the size of this bee that just showed up on screen at an Indianapolis news station.No, we're not kidding. This bee is huge. This bee just took over the whole show . It's the bee's show now.More...
3 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Catherine Taibi
When big news happens, Brian Williams wants to be there. Which is one of the reasons he no longer drinks alcohol, the "Nightly News" anchor revealed.Williams said in a Facebook chat Wednesday that while he used to drink, he doesn't anymore, and . . .
4 hour ago - Mediaite / Evan Mcmurry
Following a two-ear investigation, Department of Justice sources said Wednesday they had insufficient evidence to file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, who was acquitted for the murder of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin last summe . . .
9/30/2014 - The Huffington Post / Jessica Goodman
"It all starts with Merida discovering 'the will-of-the-wisps,'" Jon Negroni wrote in his widely circulated "Pixar Theory," the end-all, be-all timeline that aims to prove all of Pixar's movies exist in one universe. Fans have spent hours agoni . . .
7 hour ago - The Guardian / Amanda Meade
Kate Torney did not guarantee survival of any programs in first communication with staff since planned cuts were leaked Continue reading...
3 hour ago - CNN.com
Arctic ice is dwindling, the waters of the North Pacific Ocean are the warmest on record and tens of thousands of walruses have taken notice, "hauling out" on an Alaskan beach in numbers never seen before.
3 hour ago - CNN.com
A five-month-old dog that fell into hot tar spilled around a construction site in northern India was eventually saved by a four-hour rescue operation.
3 hour ago - CNN.com
Troops closed in on one of Mexico's most wanted drug lords Wednesday, nabbing him at a seafood restaurant in a popular tourist destination.
3 hour ago - CNN.com
A mother surprises her daughter at school after she's caught ditching class. KTWO reports on the mother's "gotcha" film.
3 hour ago - CNN.com
The Boston Herald and its cartoonist apologized Wednesday for a cartoon that quickly drew criticism on social media for being racist.
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